1953 Rawlings Ball from the Sooner State League


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      The Sooner State League operated for eleven seasons between 1947 and 1957.  More than 3,000 players mounted the bottom rung of baseball's ladder leading to the dream-come-true of playing in "the Show."

          More than just a sports book, in fourteen chapters with over 300 photos and illustrations, maps, a glossary, tables with performance statistics, and an extensive index, Baseball in the Cross Timbers reintroduces us to the Oklahoma and north Texas of the 1940s and 1950s.

        The heroes and the goats, the civic pillars and the criminal, the raconteurs, wheelers and dealers, rogues and rascals are all there along with the players and fans as well as the owners, managers, umpires, and officials, the people who made the Sooner State League live.

     The story of the league continued beyond its last season in 1957 in the form of the short 1961 season of the Ardmore Rosebuds, the last small-town minor league team in Oklahoma.

“Each minor league has its own story worth telling and Pete Pierce has through his meticulous research told the story of the Sooner State League with the care and depth it deserves. . . .Pete tells behind the scenes stories of the League and its franchises, most run on a shoestring by men dedicated to bringing something worthwhile to their communities.

“I know a labor of love when I see one and Baseball in the Cross Timbers is certainly that. . . . Cross Timbers records and celebrates a simpler time when the U.S. was emerging from World War II and young men were able to turn from the battlefield to the ball field.  It pays homage to the grassroots tradition of baseball and to the impact of minor league in our communities and on youngsters like the Pete Pierces of the 1950s.  The unique collection of photos that Pete has been able to gather further returns one to those halcyon days.” 

                            C. Paul Rogers, III
                                        author of The Whiz Kids with Robin Roberts

“It's not a simple task to capture a simpler time in baseball, but that's just what Pete has accomplished in this well researched and written book on baseball history.”

                                      Wayne McCombs
                                      author of Baseball in Tulsa and Lets Gooooo Tulsa!